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Quality System

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. recognises that the integration of the principles of quality management into the Company's business processes is fundamental to the achievement of its quality aim of:

Total Customer Satisfaction

To facilitate this, a formal quality management system which meets the requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 9001 is in operation.

BS EN ISO 9001 Certificate
EN ISO 14001 Certificate
BS OHSAS 18001 Certificate

Servicing Customer Needs

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. is clearly focused on satisfying the needs and requirements of our customers. Our national network of over 120 wholesalers ensures that F. Ball products are readily available throughout the UK and Ireland. In addition, skilled management of the vehicle distribution fleet enables the Company to offer a 24 hour product delivery service to distributors anywhere on the UK mainland.

Technical Service

Through comprehensive technical literature and a problem solving support service, F. Ball provides information and assistance in a way that makes product selection and application as easy as possible. The Company's unrivalled 'Recommended Adhesives Guide' (RAG) matches adhesives to more than 5,500 brand name floorcoverings from over 200 leading international manufacturers. Each recommendation is approved and endorsed by the floorcovering manufacturer concerned.

A one-to-one product recommendation and advice service is available to all sectors of the international flooring industry. The F. Ball Technical Service Department is only a telephone call, fax message or e-mail away and currently take in excess of 11,000 enquiries per year.

On-site support for contractors is provided by a dedicated and expert team of Technical Representatives covering the UK and Ireland.

Manufacturing Excellence

Purpose-built for maximum efficiency, the Company's manufacturing facility complies with the stringent requirements of ISO 9001. This provides the control at every stage - ensuring the highest standards are maintained throughout manufacture, from the supply of raw materials to the despatch of the finished products - guaranteeing complete consistency.

A computerised system provides fully automated mixing of products with raw materials drawn from twenty-five bulk tanks and silos. A high-speed filling and packaging operation is then carried out by one of the few specialist machines of its kind in the country.

The ultra-modern facility includes substantial warehousing that enables ex-stock shipment of products, aided by a rapid despatch policy.

Research & Development

Also benefiting from purpose-designed and equipped facilities is the Development Laboratory - the source of continuous product improvement and innovation. Product development is managed by a committee of specialists from sales, marketing and technical departments. Their work is driven by a variety of requirements - the needs of the market, improved product performance, the introduction of new types of floorcoverings, the availability of new raw materials, new and changed legislation and technical considerations. All development is carried out within the Company's ISO 9001 quality system.

Quality Control

To ensure continued achievement of reliably high standards of product quality, the facilities include a specialist Quality Control laboratory. All raw materials entering the factory are supplied into pre-production stock subject to agreed standards of conformity. Every product batch is tested before distribution, with retained samples allowing total traceability of all manufactured product.

Environmental Awareness

F. Ball's purpose designed manufacturing facility is located on the edge of the Peak District National Park in a valley where rivers, canals and rural walks attract many tourists. Accordingly, the Company was particularly concerned that the relocated operation in Cheddleton, Staffordshire, should have the lowest possible impact on its surroundings.

Careful planning has provided a landscaped layout with the shape and colour of the buildings designed to blend with the surrounding area. Protection of the local environment was central to this process, with mandatory standards being greatly surpassed.

A formal environmental management system, which meets the requirements of British Standard BS EN ISO 14001 is in operation.

Health & Safety

In accordance with the requirements of Section 6 of the Health and Safety at Work etc., Act 1974 (as amended), information is provided for our customers to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that they can meet their legal obligations under the Act. Health and Safety information in respect of our products is provided on appropriate safety data sheets. Certain Health and Safety information can also be found at or on product labels and within technical literature published by the Company.

Products supplied by this Company could, if incorrectly used, handled, processed, stored, transported or disposed of, give rise to risks to Health and Safety. Prior assessment of the suitability of any product for its intended purposes must be made and all relevant Health and Safety requirements must be studied, understood and applied.



Styccobond - Adhesives are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. We certify that when set, dry or cured they will secure the floorcoverings and other materials described in our Recommended Adhesives Guide and other technical data published by us, and current at the date of the installation provided that:

(a) The adhesive shall be stored as specified on the label.

(b) Installation must be carried out precisely in accordance with the instructions and recommendations published in the current literature or other technical data relevant to the floorcovering and other materials.

(c) The floorcovering or other materials will have been subjected only to normal traffic.

Should the bond fail, or there be other problems with the adhesive, adequate facilities must be allowed for, to enable examination of the site and materials; also, sufficient time to investigate any complaint and to report the reason.

COMPENSATION - In the event of bond failure caused by a manufacturing defect in the STYCCOBOND Adhesive, the Directors of F. Ball and Co. Ltd. will authorise -

(a) Payment of reasonable labour costs incurred for remedial work.

(b) The payment or supply of replacement material of similar type and quality, if, in the opinion of the Directors, the floorcovering or other material, due to bond failure, is not in a satisfactory condition to be relaid.

(c) Supply free of charge, sufficient STYCCOBOND Adhesive to secure the floorcoverings or other materials.


STOPGAP Floor Smoothing Underlayments and Membranes are guaranteed against manufacturing defects and are suitable for the conditions, sites and traffic described in our current technical data.

These underlayments are guaranteed to create surfaces suitable for the application of STYCCOBOND Adhesives to secure floorcoverings.

Conditions of Guarantee

(a) The Underlayments and Membranes shall be stored in accordance with the conditions specified on the data sheet or label.

(b) The substrate must be in the suitable condition described in our brochure ‘Subfloor Preparation Guide’, or other technical data published by us.

(c) The Smoothing Underlayment and Membranes must be mixed and laid in accordance with our printed instructions.

Should the Smoothing Underlayment or Membrane - (1) Not set and dry in the period quoted. (2) Not bond to the substrate. (3) Disintegrate; the failure must be reported to us immediately so that we can examine in situ before it is uplifted, and obtain samples for analysis.

Any unused Smoothing Underlayment must be retained for inspection

In the case of Isolator Membrane, prior to application of adhesive, please ensure there are no surface defects or transit damage within the Isolator Membrane that may lead to grin through and affect the appearance of the finished floorcovering. Should surface defects or damage be noticeable, or you are in doubt, do not proceed with installation and contact us immediately. Should you proceed with installation of the membrane in this condition, F. Ball and Co. Ltd. will limit the value of any subsequent claim to the cost of the Isolator Membrane only.

COMPENSATION - Should it be established that the Smoothing Underlayment or membrane has a manufacturing defect, the Directors of F. Ball and Co. Ltd. will agree to -

(a) Pay all reasonable labour costs incurred for removing the defective Underlayment.

(b) Supply free of charge STOPGAP Underlayment for the replacement.

(c) Pay all reasonable labour costs for relaying.

ARBITRATION - Should the contractor not agree with our decision, the dispute may be submitted to an Independent Arbitrator whose decision shall be accepted by all parties involved. Responsibility for payment of the costs shall be determined by the Arbitrator.

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